catapult pouch by female champion


★Pouches Branded by a famous female champion
★Not usual pouch cut by laser. It is manually cut with die machine
★With this pouch,she archived a score of 99 (Chinese record) to shoot the standard world cup paper target a distance of 10 meters.
★the sizes are differentiated  to match ammo with a difference of 0.5mm
★One side red and another side black color. Black side is recommended as ammo side

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These champion pouches are strong, durable, uniform thickness, crossed lamination, proper hardness.Benefits from its crossed grain,It deforms much more slower than animal leather.
Lots of top competition shooters are using this champion´s pouch. Even the minimum thickness is 2mm and there is no pit for locating the ammo. They said this pouch has most appropriate hardness and thickness, which can tolerate the inconsistency of each release.


2.2mm, 2mm


A1 45X12, A2 42X11, A3 40X11, A4 40X10, B1 45X12, B2 42X12, C1 45X12, C2 42X11, C3 40X10, D1 45X12, D2 42X12, D3 40X11

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