How our reward system works

We love slingshot activities and expecting more and more people to join this funny and inexpensive sport. is not only an ecommerce website but also a content site. It is highly appreciated if our visitors can share our images, videos and product to social media platform to get more presence to attract more joiners to this sport. We will also be  grateful if you come back again to purchase with us. 
In order to feed back above kind actions, we introduce a loyalty points system to reward our visitors/Customers .
This system contains below 3 different sub-system which function simultaneously to feed back the loyalty and contribution.
  • Refund of purchase
  • Levelling system based on accumulated purchase amount(for discount) 
  • Virtual Money for Traffic contribution reward system

Refund of Purchase

An amount of 5% of your current purchase will be returned to your account. If total amount is more than 0.5 US$,It will be generated as a coupon (valid 90 days) linked to your account.
This coupon will be applied to your cart automatically in your next order over 15 US$.
You can find it at my account->Rewards->Coupons overview->

Levelling system for discount

We are not only refund your each individual purchase, your accumulated purchase amount from us is also taken into account for percentage discount in each of your order. Referring to below table please.
*Amount accumulated in past 24 months excluding shipping

Accumulated AmountDiscount
100 US dollars1%
200 US dollars2%
500 US dollars3%
1000 US dollars5%
2000 US dollars8%
5000 US dollars10%

Traffic Contribution Reward points for Virtual Money

ActionsPoints to be earnedComment
Account signup100 
Place a first order50 
Daily sign-in20 
Complete Puchase5 Points / $1.00Product total excluding sales (offer item)
Sponsoring users- Referral Sign up100After the referral user places an order successfully
Sponsoring users- Referral product purchase5 Points / $1.00Sponsor link can be found at my account page
Writing a product review150Applicable only for purchased product
Blog post500Upon approval based on quality, hold at this moment
Page Comment50 
Anniversary (registration)200One year after registration
30 days before birthday200 
Seek for  the images80Find this image at our site and click it
Social Promotion20 points/visitA visitor follows your share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, WhatsApp, MeWe

Note Important:

1.The social share buttons locates at the bottom of each page. The points rewarded by visits have no limit at this moment. We will adjust it frequently following the efficiency.

2. From your account page, you can find the place to send the sponsor link. 

3. The Image(s) with points are listed below. Find and click on it to get your points!

Easter eggs

Manually Facebook share to group

Facebook group is the most popular social platform for slingshot enthusiasts. We are really expecting you can help us to get strong presence there! Because the technical restriction by facebook, we  cannot share to the group directly with the button at our site. We will manually reward you if you can do so! 

  • Share to one group, 300 points
  • Share to two groups,500 points
  • Share to three or more groups,600 points

Please do include first 3 characters of your username in the post to prove that it is you who post that. After that please contact us to send the links for us to verify. Please be kindly advised to read the group policy and choose appropriate content or product to share to avoid elimination. We will verify those links and manually add points to your account within 48 hours and only alive links will be counted.

Watch this youtube short video to know how to get your post url.

Conversion of Traffic Contribution Reward points

  • All above traffic contribution reward points will be automatically converted to virtual money based on below ratio

    200 Points= 1 US dollar

  • The virtual money can only be used to pay products under categories like “Freebie CN”,“Freebie CN” and “Downloadable”
  • Some free product( like pouches ,tying material and targets etc.) will be always available.
  • The free products will be updated frequently by adding some temporary high value products  by following our site promotion. please keep visiting  “Freebie Page” to know more detail. 
Note: Wholesale buyer cannot redeem points for discounting cart total because of low profit.

Buy more, Reward more!

More contribution! More points!

 As we can see, the points/virtual money can be earned at various ways easily and you can use every point for discount or freebies. We are eager to see your  frequent participation to get enough points you need. 

Share that content on Social Medias
Only logged users can earn points by social sharing for exchanging freebies!
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Do you know? You have Money in your virtual wallet.

Registered users can use it  at checkout to pay for the freebies.

Worldwide Giveaway​

We are launching our giveaway program world-widely! Total 85 packages will be sent out from our China warehouse until all packages are claimed for below 20 countries on July and August!
CountryQty. Giveaway1st order numberRemaining
CountryQty. Giveaway1st order numberRemaining
New Zealand4  
Saudi Arabia3  
United States7  
South Africa3 

You will choose the freebies as the giveaway!

If you have no account, please Register to start  earning your points for exchanging products!
Above products are free! son gratis! sont libres! sind frei!
We are Cheapest and Best
We are offering the most cheap price for same products. We charge the shipping equivalent to we will pay.We profit less to gain more customers. We just need your loyalty.
Always Freebies
We have prepared 12 types of freebie for your choice! You just need to place an additional order and pay them with your points. More and more products will be added as freebies
Always 10% discount
For registered user, you can always have 10% discount by using your points. you have various ways to get the points easily!
Best Brands and Products
We are sourcing directly from reliable and famous brand owner! We are keeping watching on and selecting latest and best product for our store!
Worldwide shipping
We have enough experience to shipping to most of the countries. We provide options for your choosing the shipping channel. We will compensate you import tax (VAT) for customer from EU and some other countries.
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500 reward

For discounting your  purchase and exchanging freebies!

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