catapult micro fiber pouches
catapult flat band set
catapult customized band set
slingshot customized band set
slingshot flat bandset customized
catapult band set
Catapult flat band set
slingshot band set

Customized Slingshot Tapered Flat band set Any taper Any length Any thickness TTF or OTT fully customizable


★CRAFTMANSHIP from highly skilled and experienced shooters
★MAXMIZED CONSISTENCY. By studying our real pictures, you will find each set is unique but consistent with the rest.
★Attention:Precise Anticold and Sobong Xumeng are cold resistant with speical receipt. The maximum elongation is 5.5. Please take into account when deciding your length.

★Important: The color of the pouch may vary from the image shown left. But we promise the same size and shape.

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