Fundamental tools to cut slingshot bands

Flat bands is preferred by more and more slingshot shooters by advantages like higher retraction , lighter pull weight, more accurate and more variations(configurations) to choose or DIY.

With the whole set of these fundamental tools like cutter, cutting mat and universal ruler, you can cut flat bands easily into any taper.

Cutter is installed with 60mm blade. Universal ruler can cut  taper with maximum 35mm width at 280mm height . The cutting mat is in A3 size and specially produced for cutting rubber bands.

If you buy the ruler or mat with 40cm catch box, you will get more discount because of saving on shipping cost.


Cut slingshot bands is the basic skill for slingshot enthusiasts.  Every shooter has different style and pull strength and length. The best or most comfortable band set configuration is totally different from any other shooter.  One attractive matter from slingshot shooting is to test and find the configuration suits you best and keep practising with it.

The fundamental tools for a flat band slingshot shooter should consist at least rotary cutter, universal taper ruler and a cutting mat. With those tools, cutting slingshot bands is no longer a difficult thing.

The rotary cutter in  the package is installed with a 60mm blade.

The universal taper ruler is  made from high end acrylic board and recently becoming hot in China. Ours have a thickness of 5mm, rounded edge. With it you can cut any taper with a maximum width of 35mm, height less than 280mm. Comparing the other rulers, it has a channel to directly catch and guide the blade to rotate vertically and straightforwardly. This means more safe for your finger and more accurate.  The transparency of the acrylic material make it visual to align the scales to cut the taper you want.

The cutting mat is made from polypropylene material, which is harder than other mats made from PVC. It is specially produced with appropriate hardness for cutting rubber bands.

The size is A3 and both sides can be used. Be kindly advised that the scales are painted on the PP material, so you may find some blurred lines or even some scales (colours) are wiped away by the cutter after long time use. But anyway it will not affect its fundament functionality.


Considering the size (length) of the cutting mat and ruler are around 40cm and will be charged with dimensional weight, if you buy them together with the catch box, you can get some extra discount because of saving on shipping cost.

Weight100 g


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