GM&BW Anticold Dankung Tube,Made from High quality natural latex


★Fast and Strong retraction bring the ammo a higher velocity
★High Concentricity between the inner and outer circles also means better consistence between bandsets.
★Especially developed for shooting in cold weather. For warm (above 10 degree C),we recommend to use the normal tubes.

★Price of 1 roll of 10 meters ( with zero,one or two joints)


(1 customer review)

Anticold tube for slingshot is especially produced for shooting under extreme cold temperature.

Dankung tubing model Explaination:
First two digitals divided by 10 you will the the inner diameter.
Last two digitals divided by 10 you will get the outer diameter.
For example,model 1745 means ID 1.7mm and OD 4.5mm.
From one of the images, you can see the tension of different sizes and configurations.

Tube Size

1632, 1636, 1745, 1842, 2040, 2050

1 review for GM&BW Anticold Dankung Tube,Made from High quality natural latex

  1. KalevalaSlingshot (verified owner)

    I have tried only size 2040 and temperature was not really cold, just 0°C.
    These anticold tubes are made for shooting at lower than +10°C temperature and in my shooting these worked very well.
    My active length was a little too long and I couldn’t get max power out, but shooting with looped 2040 was very nice.


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