Slingshot tying material amber belt


★Widely used to tie the pouch to the bands and to attach the bands to the slingshot. Extremly low weight.
★Friendly with rubber even when it is stretched, which benefits the longevity of the bandset
★Width of 4mm

★The old yellow one is no longer available and the white one has same quality and maxium tensile force

Can be paid with virtual money
(4 customer reviews)

This roll of amber belt is especially produced for slingshot usage. It is very popular in china.


Black, Transparent, White, Yellow

4 reviews for Slingshot tying material amber belt

  1. fannytong (verified owner)

    the material for the yellow version is too stiff … it doesn’t stretch/flex properly like the transparent or black ones.

  2. Adam (verified owner)

    What can I say… it’s the best!

  3. Dave Smith (verified owner)

    A great product, I prefer the transparent version but it’s personal preference, easy to use, nice and neat, and one roll lasts a long time

  4. paulmancini67

    Just like the Crystal String, this is yet another great product to tie my bands to my pouch. The Amber Belt is nice and light and it never comes off once attached. It stretches nicely without breaking too. This Amber Belt lasts quite a while, so it is great value for money.

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