GM&BW Flat band cutting template, High Quality of Acrylic Board


★Produced directly by the patent owner,fully customizable as per your requirement
★Rounded corner for caring your safety and your bands.
★The 4th picture is only for purpose of showing the size example. Its corners are not rounded.
★Sharpened taper available as 2nd option, Just choose the correct taper type.

★Prefabricated template (sharpened 20to12 and 24to16) for length from 150mm to 400mm is available as third option. It is the solution for butterfly style bands.

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Slingshot flat bands cutting ruler, slingshot flat bands cutting template, slingshot bands template.

Cutting butterfly band set is not a headache anymore

As also a flat band shooter, we heard about many shooters like to shoot butterfly style, which has the maximum draw length and can accelerate the ammo longer time to achive higher velocity.

Tapered bands is another method to get higher velocity. And we mostly like to have the butterfly bands in taper also to get light draw weight. But it is difficult to find and cutting template to cut length more than 300mm.

Today we bring the solution:Only the 140mm center is Isosceles Trapezoid shape and the two ends are 70mm rectangle shape.

With this design by, we can wrap its two ends to cut the length for butterfly style! Below pictures tell you the detail!

Mark the center of the bands for aligning to template.

Wrap two ends and stick it to the cutting mat (with water or adherrsive tape).  And align all edges properly horiziontally and vertically.

butterfly style

Align the black marks (bisector) to the center of the cutting template. Ensure two folded ends are parallel to the scales.

Press and hold the cutting template firmly and cut it as traditional way.

butterfly shooting style

Above image shows another way to wrap two ends and stick them with adhersive tape for cutting.

Explaination on the customized cutting template

product size explanation for the  flat bands cutting template:

Length=Length of your bandset +160 mm, Width of 180mm
Maximum isosceles trapezoids will be fabricated within this limit.

A wood board will be covered on the acrylic board to protect it, hence the total weight would be around 900 gram.
If you have stick to some configuration of your band set, the cutting template is your smart choice!

The sharpened taper bands template is recent invention in China (refer to last two pictures please).The idea is to sharpen the trapezoid in the middle of its height. It is said this special taper bands will gain more acceleration on the pouch end!  In our stock we  also have such bands made by cutting die machine


Universal Acrylic Ruler for cutting bands with any taper

cut slingshot bands ruler
universal cutting ruler

cut slingshot bands universal ruler
universal cutting ruler

cut slingshot bands universal ruler
universal cutting ruler

We have introduced the universal taper cutting ruler. You can use it cut any a taper with maximum length of 28cm, maximum width of 40mm. just follow below steps.

Lets use taper of 20 to 12 at 180mm as the example.

  1. Cut the bands to a piece with height of 180mm
  2. Trim the edge from one side to have trapeziform waist. For example if your taper is 20 to 12, you have to cut away a triangle with bottom of 4mm=【(20-12)/2】
  3. turn around the ruler, keep the cutting channel for cutter´s blade above the bands. align the ruler to below position:
      • the blade channel to the edge of the bands is around 12mm (read it from one horizontal scale at 0cm place or 18cm place)
      • the blade channel to the edge of the bands is around 20mm (read it from one horizontal scale at 18cm place or 0cm place)
  4. Cut the bands pieces away to get first piece of taper
  5. turn around the ruler to cut another taper band piece

It is strong recommended to cut two layers of bands at one time. Thus you will get a set of bands with minimum discrepancy.

Weight850 g

1 review for GM&BW Flat band cutting template, High Quality of Acrylic Board

  1. paulmancini67 (verified owner)

    I ordered a 280mm x 18mm x 10mm Sharpened Taper cutting template. This product is so amazing that i then ordered a spare one.
    I never bought the regular Isosceles Trapezoid Taper cutting template because I feel you can only really use it for the band length that you have ordered it for,
    otherwise the band taper gets wider at one end and narrower at the other end.

    But you don’t get this problem with the Sharpened Taper cutting template.
    I ordered the largest template, which was 280mm, because I realised that I could use it for any band length that I want.
    This is because only 100mm at the centre of the template actually tapers from 18mm down to 10mm, and the rest is cut straight.

    So for example, I used the template to cut a band length of 160mm. So the first 30mm of the band is 18mm straight cut,
    then the next 100mm tapers from 18mm down to 10mm, and then the last 30mm of the band is 10mm straight cut.
    This means that no matter what length I decide to cut my bands, one end is always 18mm and the other end is always 10mm.

    Both the band life and the power is exactly the same as my regular 18mm to 10mm tapered bands.
    The great advantage for me is that I finally have a cutting template which I can now use for cutting any length band,
    and saving tons of time as i no longer have to cut them manually.
    I can quickly cut 5 perfect pairs all at once, or even 10 pairs if I double the latex band.

    Highly Recommended Product.

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