Slingshot Target Box with Self-erecting mechanism

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  • More/Adjustable sensitive. It is the second generation which will function correctly even if the ammo only scratch the edge of the target.
  • Sourced directly from the patent (China area only) owner
  • Fully Mechanical and no extra power is required
  • Default come with a pair of 4cm targets and rest size is optional
  • The box is fully made from Stainless Steel 304 except the screws
  • Equipped with frontal protective curtain

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This slingshot target box is the latest automatic target system released in Chinese slingshot market. It has double microfiber targets which will be erected alternatively when it is being hit. This type of target system is adopted for CSCC online slingshot competition. And It (with 8cm targets) will be used for rapid shooting competition according to the international rule drafted by WSA (world slingshot association). A pair of 4cm is used for precision shooting competition and pair of 8cm is used for competition of rapid shooting.

Different from the remote control target box, this slingshot target system does not require any extra power. The clever mechanism design is to use the kinetic energy of the flying ammo to trigger the target to stand up by itself.

This is the second generation of this design. And the mechanical trigger is sensitive enough to act correctly even if the ammo only scratches the edge of the target. As you can see from the video, a man can trigger it by blowing the 8cm target with mouth.

Benefiting from its small size (180x130x70mm), it is recommendable to put it inside a slingshot catch box to recycle your ammo. The catch box is also available form our site at this link. 

NOTE IMPORTANT: These targets box are manually assembled by the patent owner. It is not produced by industrial workflow. Please bear some imperfectness due to this. It is not a product that is ready for use when arriving. You still need to install the targets, protective curtains or even adjust the sensitivity of the trigger. No instruction will come with the package, please come back to read below if you have problem with it.

Points for installation and Operation

How to Adjust the Sensitivity 

  1. With dismounting 6 (3 in the frontal and 3 in the rear) screws, you can open the box and see its inside structure as the picture
  2. Look at the spring and screws in side the red cycles. By loosing hexagon socket screws and rotating it, you can adjust the force from the spring. More force means less sensitive and more possibility to rebound the ammo.

How to wear the microfiber target to the V-shape Rod

  1. You have to push the V-shape rod to make it two ends as close as possible.
  2. Pass both two ends through/below same textile thread (this is the key points, as shown in the picture)
  3. Drag or push the V-shape rod until its top locates at the middle of the target
  4. Push the V-shape rod again and insert it into the base of the parts to be erected and fasten the screws.

How to install the frontal protective curtain

If you would place the target box inside a catch box, you may not need to install the protective curtain and can use the bottom depth to hide the body of this target box.

  • Install the brackets to support the protective curtain
    1. It is quite simple, just mount two iron sheets of right angle together at one side of the front. And then mount another two at another side.
    2. We suggest you use some used bands to wrap the sharp edge of the iron sheet (sorry for this simple solution and we are improving it).


  • Wear the protective curtain on the support bracket
    1. Knot two ends of one of the rubber tubes as a loop 
    2.  Elongate the loop and hang it to the bottom side of the support bracket 
    3. Cover the curtain to the front of the target box  and then knot another rubber tube in same direction/way as another tubes.

If you dont want to put it inside a catchbox, then you need to install the frontal protective curtain.

The box is also designed to install on the speaker tripod. the distance of the screw holes are shown as the picture.

If you dont have the tripod and would like to place it on some other flat surface, we suggest you use  rubber bands or adhesive tape to raise its bottom.

Weight1400 g


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